Vampire Court of Houston
Vampire Court of Houston

Why is the Vampire Court of Houston The Best Curated Source for Vampire and Subculture News?

Vampire Court of Houston welcomes you to our humble project to help educate both Darkling and the curious alike!

The VCH is your best source for all things vampire and subculture because we have the necessary experience that it takes to truly be called leaders, or in cultural term, Elders.

The team behind the VCH have been in the vampire and other subcultures for over 30 years. We have seen the rise and fall of organizations, trends, styles, fashions, and music.

Empires rise and fall, but the Vampire Court of Houston Remains!

We have seen clubs and empires rise and fall. We witnessed many a baby bat grow, evolve, and leave the community.

The one constant over these past thirty years is us. We have remained, mostly in the shadows, until now!

Being a vampire means a long life, so adaptation is key!

We know Real Vampires are a wide and varied lot. As a result, we decided not to be as rigid as many other organizations as to the definition of what is, or is not, a vampire.

Because of this approach, we see being a real vampire as a beautiful many dark colored rainbow of beautiful delights.

Firstly, there is the music! Always the music! From the death of punk came goth, and from goth rose the the dark shadows of the vampire to play in.

Secondly, vampires love things. Art, style, jewelry, books, comics, manga and all things dark, cute, and shiny. We vampires love our loot!

Thirdly, living a long life with only one style is boring! We can be Traditional or Trad goth, Victorian High Gothic, Pastel Lolita Goth, Kink Goth, Cybergoth or Cyberpunk, Pagan Goth, and the list of our creativity is endless!

Fourthly, we realize that things change and vampires must change with them. Thirty years ago, there were no vampire courts. There were no vampire online groups. There were no vampire books to help guide the baby bats into awakening! How things have changed for the better!

Now you can find real vampires out in the open. We go to raves. We fund, perform in, and support burlesque shows, stage productions, bands, self publishing, conventions, and the list is endless of what we as a culture are into!

Because you, the real vampire, the black swan, and the seeker of knowledge, do not exist just for one thing, we try and make our sites a fun blend, A Chanploo Stir Fry of Nani the F@#k articles, links, music and video for your education and enjoyment!

Here is some detailed information about the VCH.

What is the Vampire Court of Houston?

The Vampire Court of Houston is a professionally curated organization dedicated to the artistic subcultures.

As a result, we demonstrate these purpose through our mission.

Mission of the Vampire Court of Houston

We are resolved to provide leadership and promote the arts. Because of this over all mission, we provide education and quality products and services. This has lead to our dominant position in the vampire and artistic subculture communities

Leadership of the community.

The best example VCH leadership is our charity outreach.

For instance, take these examples.

For instance, 2017 The VCH has raised over $4000 for Hurricane Harvey, Friends for Life, and other organizations.

Another example, 2018 the VCH began its charity outreach by donating material worth Dem Damn Dames to help raise money for Planned Parenthood and other charities.

Similarly, 2019 the VCH partnered with Thorn and Moon along with Avant Garden to help raise money for The Wilde Collection to rebuild after a horrible terrorist fire bombing of their home and shop.

In Conclusion, we continue our leadership role by hosting public meetings and events regularly to listen and respond to the needs of our community.

Promotion of the Arts

Our promoting of the arts is by working with local artists and venues to support and promote events.

In 2017 the VCH worked with Alley Theater to promote “Let the Right one in”, for example.

Another example of artistic promotion, we have worked with various movie houses to give away free passes to encourage independent and limited release films.

We promote local performance art and artists using our social media, resulting in greater outreach to the public.


The Court and its members share their expertise and experiences to create a rich, dynamic learning environment. Though public lectures, media appearances, the use of social media and live video, the VCH has an expansive body of work about spirituality, art, and the vampire culture.

Products and Services

The VCH produces the podcast Night Bites available on all major podcast services. We also produce a line of products on our Etsy Store.

So for the Dark, and Dark at heart, welcome to your new virtual home!

We strive to be the best! We are always seeking to improve ourselves and all our sites. Feel free to visit our Facebook Group and join the discussion!

The Vampire Court of Houston wanted to create articles vampire culture, gothic culture, cyberpunk, kink and fetish.

Therefore, we have created Night Bites

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As always Darklings, Happy Hunting!

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