May The 4th be With You!

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May the 4th by with you!
May the 4th be with you!
Know the power of the Dark Side!
Know the power of the Dark Side! The Cookies are awesome! Photo by GooKingSword!

May The 4th be with you as we all celebrate all things Star Wars with fellow fans, nerds, geeks from around the world.

How May the 4th be with you started?
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away …
In 1977, I was this small kid standing in line with hundreds of other people waiting in line at the Houston Galleria. All the “cool robots” dressed in white were lead by their evil “black knight” looking “robot” were so cool!

Every store front my 5 year old self passed had Star Wars merchandise! Toys were coming! Like millions of children during that time, I became a Star Wars addict, and my only cure, more Star Wars.

All these many years later, “May The 4th be With You!”, has become a defacto global holiday! Beyond boarders, beyond politics, all that is good and grand in Star Wars remains, inspiring, planting the seed of creativity in the young!

Just like it in did in a 5 year old that would grow up to be the Regent of one of The Vampire Court of Houston.
Enjoy the art and links!

May the Force be with you, always!

The Force is strong with Baby Yoda!

Obi-Wan is the Master of Trolling!

May the 4th be with when when you face Darth Maul!

Mike Zeroh
Star Wars Comics
Generation Tech

The Force is strong with these You Tube channels.

Star Wars is popular on You Tube and many channels are dedicated to analyzing Star War’s philosophies, deeper meanings, and the future of the franchise.

Generation Tech , Star Wars Comics , Mike Zeroh , are just some of the many voices on You Tube that keep the fans thinking deeply about the universe.

This is an epic remix! You must listen to this!

The music of Star Wars is epic! Check out this brilliant remix and your journey to May the 4th be with you complete!

Darth Talon by Danica Rockwood

Forget Cookies! Join the Dark Side because of cos-play models like this!

You can buy this print from Danica Rockwood !

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As always Darklings, Happy Hunting!

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