Gothic Home Decor 1

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Gothic Home Decor
Gothic Home Decor
Gothic Home Decor 1

Gothic home decor 1 is our first in a series of look book style pictorials.

One reason we love the Gothic culture is the art and styling. So we at Courtiers Court want to help inspire our fellow Darklings with tips and tricks for setting up your dream crypt! Gothic home decor 1 is our first article to answer that need! So lets start in the kitchen. Hi gloss black paint, a simple coffee mug rack, hi gloss containers with an assortment of stencil or stickers, and bam! Instant kitchen worth of any Gothic Queen!

gothic chair
gothic chair

We know Gothic chairs, I mean her royal majesty’s throne, pardon us, are important part of and lair! Custom made and commercial options are plentiful but expensive! For those on a budget, consider resurfacing and repainting a wooden chair from a garage sale or thrift shop! Add a few accent pillows and woosh, you can’t have fashion and decor without breaking the bank! Get really good at discovering and creating these treasures and you can have a small side hustle! Who doesn’t need extra shoe money?

rose quartz
rose quartz

Crystals bring out the inner witch in all of us! Our Earth babies are so damn cute! Yes you are! Well among all black and white of the Gothic kingdom that is your lair, how about a little love from the goddess? Rose Quarts blends all the energy of the color white with the fire and passion of the color red and creates the nice warm, loving, energy hug!

As you can see, crystals come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, colors, and many are affordable. Once you start, you will never be safe! You will always want “just one more!”

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