Aphrodisi-Acts presents: Pu$$y Power!

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Aphrodisi-Acts presents: Pu$$y Power
Aphrodisi-Acts presents: Pu$$y Power
Aphrodisi-Acts presents: Pu$$y Power

Aphrodisi-Acts presents: Pu$$y Power! A show by and for the power of women!

Aphrodisi-Acts presents: Pu$$y Power!; A tribute to and for powerful women and those that love them.

Do you love women, did you come out of one? Are you a woman that is dying to celebrate their divine feminine power? Then this show is for you.

Aphrodisi-Acts is an all inclusive, all welcoming, all loving queer burlesque show that celebrates and showcases talented lgbtq+ performers and those that support them.

This month we are celebrating and performing in the name of Pu$$y Power!
Grab life by the Pu$$y and show it who’s boss.

Aphrodisi-Acts cast for February:
Lily Liqueur

Olly Oxen

Lou’a Louise

Poppy Tart

Hosted by Nikki Knockout

Pearl Bar

This is a NO COVER show, but please don’t forget just the TIP

Show our lovely performers how much you apprecaite them by making it $$$

Seating is limited, if you would like to reserve a couch please email @nikkiknockout2010@gmail.com
otherwise first come first serve.

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