Best Vampire Erotica for 2020 and beyond!

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Vampire Erotica
Vampire Erotica

Looking to stimulate the mind and the senses? Vampire erotica is more than what you think! 

When you think of Erotica, you might be thinking of 50 Shades of Gray, the latests steamy music video, a hot sexy image from the latest Netflix fantasy series like the Witcher. Erotica is so much more than just that! Vampire Erotica even more so!

What is Erotica? What would be considered vampire erotica?

Erotica is any literary or artistic work that deals substantively with subject matter that is eroticallystimulating or sexually arousing but is not pornographicErotic art may use any artistic form to depict erotic content, including paintingsculpturedramafilm or musicErotic literature and erotic photography have become genres in their own right.

Curiosa is erotica and pornography as discrete, collectable items, usually in published or printed form. In the antiquarian book trade, pornographic works are often listed under “curiosa”, “erotica” or “facetiae

From Wikipedia

The goal of the Vampire Court of Houston is to being together for you the finest erotic curios for your pleasure and enlightenment.

As we are looking for those delectable erotic collectables, we search the globe to bring you the best of the best under one glorious roof!

What is on the list of erotic goodies?

Music is the heart and soul of the world. As such, we look for music that stimulates the flesh, mind and soul. We look for pieces that fill the senses. As vampires, we look for the timeless, the ethereal, music that can speak to generation after generation.

One such example, Tee Vee, our first music review ever!

Another great example of the music we enjoy is VNV Nation.

Beyond music is the written word. Books stimulate the ultimate sex organ, the human mind. Words stimulate and inspire! Words change the world! The dark romantic gothic tales are always a favorite. Books on history, spirituality, and the occult are always favorites.

Comic books and Manga! The written word meets art! What is not to love? These works can be funny, dark, erotic, and just out and out outrageously, sexually fun! We love and part of the comic book and geek culture and we will be sharing our treasures with you!

Dolls Managa

Burlesque and other exotic performances! Nothing beats a live performance. The energy of the performer mixing with the excitement of the crowd. The constant give and take of forces between the stage and audience is often electric!

We travel around Texas, and soon beyond, from convention floor, to theaters, night clubs and private halls to bring that small bit of reality to you!

More than that, we will actually be promoting events so that you are not merely an observer, but an active participant!

So from books to music, from comic to burlesque, if it stimulates the senses, to us it’s erotica! it our pleasure to serve you these treats for the dark at heart!

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As always Darklings, Happy Hunting!

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