New Subculture Magazine! The Future of the Vampire Court of Houston on line!

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New Subculture magazine and its goal.

New Subculture magazine and its goal.

Opportunity is inspiration fueled by hard work, powered by the endless pursuit of accomplishment. When I created the Vampire Court of Houston, it started out as just a small group of individuals who wanted something better. Something beyond just meeting at a club. We wanted something different. Something useful. Something transformative. These many years later, I present to you not the end to that goal, but the end to the beginning of that goal! has evolved from just a blog. It became a platform to give voice to the voiceless. It became a tool to give form to expression. It became an database and archive first for vampires. It expanded that to our donors, to swans. From there the dark tendrils of our reach went global as a place where many subcultures could be reached.
Today, 1/12/2020, I am proud to announce our continuing transformation into a online magazine.

Over the next few weeks, you will see that site transform into magazine style production that will feature Pages and Categories that you see standard news and magazine web sites. We will be upgrading using professional themes and tools, run professional ads across multiple platforms, and we will also be promoting other business and organizations.
This reflects the truth. The Vampire Court of Houston, VCH, under the direction of Michael Vachmiel, the Vampire King of Houston, is not just “The Court” to the soon to be third largest city in The United States. The VCH is a GLOBAL COMMUNITY of Vampires, Swans, and members of various spiritual and cultural subcultures.

This exciting new project for 2020 and beyond is a reflection if this new and exciting phase in cultural evolution.

In addition, Michael Vachmiel will be returning to his live Tarot Show, Starting Season 2 of Night Bites, and creating a new Inner Court of the VCH in 2020!

The Best Nights are ahead of you Darklings!
Michael Vachmiel Vampire King of Houston Founder – Vampire Court of Houston

Night Bites Pages Layout
Entertainment (Page)
Tags – Big Screen, Small Screen, Video Games, Books, Magazines, Comic books, Manga, Celebrity News, Burlesque, Events, Performance Art

Style (Page)
Tags – Art, Design, Fashion, Architecture, Home Décor, Lifestyle

Events (page)
Tags – Conventions, Performances, Concerts, Fairs, Festivals

Op-Ed (page)Tags – blogs, editorials
Featured (page)

Tags – Night Bites, Real Vampire Guide to Life, Dangers in the Vampire Community

Look book (page) Tags – Artists, Pin Ups, Cos-Play, Fetish, Vampire, Goth, Cyberpunk, Steampunk

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