Abuses in the vampire community

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Abuses in the vampire community – Katheryn Docktree. Katheryn Docktree attacked others in the vampire community. She was no vampire at all! Read More!

Katheryn Docktree ran a scam with her associates in the vampire community. She pretended to have a 800 member court, she pretended to have ties with the royal family in England, she pretended to have wealth, she pretended to have legal influence. She pretended to have ties with the Vampire King of England.

Except that’s not her real name. She does not have a court at all. She is a commoner and not a royal. She has no money or legal influence. She can not help felons clear their records.

What is worse is that she and another Houston based vampire I won’t bother mentioning were going to be the self appointed vampire police and the community went on their hands and knees worshiping these two frauds.  Her male partner in crime is an actual convicted felon for assaulting a kid!

It does not stop there!

Prominent members of the vampire community then, at the request of these two frauds, began to attack others in nothing less than a coordinated terrorists campaign of harassment.  Not only that, but “respected” members of the “community” turned over their forums to them calling groups with thousands of members to be used as terrorists manifestos,  instruments of libel, homophobia, gay bashing, misogyny,  and just honestly a display of classical pathological narcissism.

So you would think after being exposed, after being embarrassed, after being used as a toy for two non vampires using the community as a means to rake in money and for personal amusement that the so called “elders” would be offering apologies for shattering a community that has taken decades to put together. Would at least be offering apologies for being instruments of terrorism. Would have the dignity to step aside and allow new blood, not tainted with criminal acts, to take over.

But no.

While they are a bit more quite, these people who allowed this to happen are still clutching to their fake accounts, dwindling minions, and performing mental gymnastics to justify to unimaginable level of ignorance.

This is the what those of use who care about the community and not selling event tickets are trying to deal with daily.  Purging the rot at the core of our community.

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