Real Vampire Guide to Life

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Vampire Court of Houston
Vampire Court of Houston

Real Vampire Guide To Life

Real Vampire Guide to Life.

Dao of The Vampire

Reverend Michael Vachmiel, Vampire King of Houston


“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own”
Bruce Lee

“The greatest way to live with honor is to be who we pretend to be”

Toxic Duality

Male, Female.  Light, Dark.  Yin Yang.  Master, Slave.  Dominance, Submission.  Man, Beast.   Humanity in the Western Tradition, usually indoctrinated in cultural social and religious traditions, are trapped in the limited, primitive mindset that there are distinct and separate forces that can never overlap.  

Starting as children Westerners are taught, under fear of enteral damnation and repeated indoctrination that there is a Father God and an Arch nemesis Lucifer.  That these two powers can never have any overlap, never any community, there can never be God in Lucifer or Lucifer in God. 

In other words, reality is Black and White.  There is a set Good and a set Evil and there is no reason to experience, live, or empathize with anyone or any thought that does not fit within binary, toxic duality thinking  

From this binary mindset the Western mind then begins to put everything into neat categories.  Only Good and Evil.  Male and Female are separate of one another..  There is only Christian and Non-Christian.   People can only be Masters or only be Slaves.   There is only pleasure and pain.   There is only right and wrong.   From this pure binary mindset society creates rules, guides, and moralities on society and its structures.

Men behave a certain way.   Women behave a certain way.   A “good” Christian behaves a certain way.  A “good” American acts in a certain way.

A real vampire guide to life for everyone, for every being!

The results of this mind set have been devastating. 

Because the powerful can never be weak, and thus never need to experience empathy or sympathy for those they perceive as “weak”, those with might have exploited the “weak” to devastating results to the planets environment.  Men in positions of power, even just the power of being a man, have used tactics of fear and intimidation leading to the rape 1 in 6 women in the United States.  Radical Ultra-Nationalists propose death to all members of the LGBTQ society and culture to protect “Traditional Family Values” and “Sexual Purity”

You are here because you are awakening to a greater truth!

The fact that you are reading this book means you are evolving beyond a black and white mindset.   The spiritual awakening you are evolving to realizes that there is more to reality, to the endless infinities of possibilities, than “this or that” traditional binary thinking.

You are beginning to realize that forces, thoughts, and energies blend, merge, and overlap.   

You, as the awakening one, are realizing that there is not a separation of energies or polarities, but a blending and merging of them.   There is not male and female, but male female where there are aspects of both in each being.  Same for light dark, strength weakness, pleasure pain, dominance submission, hunger fullness, and the endless realities of existence. 

By realizing these endless possibilities, you have taken the first important steps in creating a sustainable, emotionally fulling life for yourself and those around you.   You have chosen, by will, to rebel against the lies and programing you have been told are “solid truths” and began to reprocess the world around you, keeping those philosophies, which work for your Truth, your De, your Path. 

By seeing the world in terms of theories and philosophies you have awakened the illuminated soul within you, seeking greater personal truths. 

A real vampire guide to life was created from this awakening!

When I awakened ultimately to my vampire nature and began to explore the theories and philosophies of the world, I started with my own culture, that of Western Europe.   As I soon realized, much of Western Ceremonial magic was based on the philosophies and theories of the East. Thus, began my journey in exploring the Tao or Dao, depending on your point of view on the word.

I studied as much material as my mind would allow.   Devouring each precious word on those pages. Instead of moon phases, times, and days of power being the end all my spiritual path as a pagan, my spirituality began to evolve. New concepts such as the concept of Infinite Divisibility Philosophy, Existentialism Philosophy, and Taoism began to shape my thinking.

So, looking at what the philosophers of both the East and West and their works, I concluded that mankind has two great houses for philosophy that have shaped the world equally.    

The House of the East which is Asia and the House of the West which is Europe and North America. I believe that neither the great houses of humanity hold all the answers.   There is both knowledge and wisdom that is vibrant and truthful in each geographic region by themselves. It is my theory that only by examining both regions’ philosophies together can a greater wisdom and understanding of the world around us can be achieved.   

So back to the concept of a nontoxic Duality and Infinite Divisibility, like the philosophies of the East, I am blend of two essences that form one whole.

Please allow me to introduce myself ….

My birth name is Michael Bradley. My day time occupation and passion is being a licensed massage therapist in the State of Texas.   To pursue this science and art I have over 700 hours of education in the field of massage, energy, reiki, and other approved courses.  I am also a licensed reverend for all my adult life with a working background in religious studies.  I help the body heal in heart, flesh, and spirit in guidelines set forth under the tenants of my faith and by the laws of my state.   This is my Yin.  My solid, real life, 9 to 5 reality.

My chosen and awakened name Reverend Michael Vachmiel.   It is my pleasure to be the King of the Vampire Court of Houston.   I have appeared on The Doctors, The World of Weird in the UK, on Barcroft Television, in Reveal Magazine, in the Huffington Post, and multiple viral videos to millions around the world.  This is my Yang.  My essence, my energy in motion, my spirit. The artist living a truth, to an extent, that is personally his own. 

Two houses.  Two sides of man.   The divine and the animal.  Both the same and both very different.   They exist and feed one another, control, and expand one another.  Each reality and each truth add to a greater whole of being.

Together as Vachmiel I use the wisdom of both parts of my life for my charities, my communities, and my Great Works, or my guided path in life.

It with the philosophy of the Dao in mind that I present this humble work.  

A real vampire guide to life without all the junk and drama!

I am often asked, if real vampires exist, how do they work?  How does feeding work?  Why do vampires prefer the night? The typical who, what, when where, why, and how questions.   As I try and answer people’s questions in a sane and rational way, I am often confronted with a dilemma.  

If I answer with just Traditional Chinese Medicine, then it sounds just like a simple Yang energy deficiency.  It gives solid knowledge but lacks the passion behind the words.     If I answer from only the Western approach, then it sounds like only a kinky sex fetish or an act of dramaturgy.  I realized that the only honest and complete answer would to be to provide a body of work that took the knowledge of the East and West and presented the information together.

A real vampire guide to life with real answers!

So, we will explore Real Vampirism from both the perspective of a Western Philosopher and a follower of Dao and with the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.     Together with both wisdoms of the East and West shall we explore the mysteries of the Living Night.

The solid and the ethereal.  Science and magic.  The Yin and the Yang.   Each for you to examine.  Together, a whole body of knowledge to begin the discussion of the Dao of the Vampire.    

May you ever walk your path!

Reverend Michael Vachmiel
King of the Vampire Court of Houston
June 21, 2017

What is the Vampire Court of Houston?

The Vampire Court of Houston is a professionally curated organization dedicated to the artistic subcultures.

As a result, we demonstrate these purpose through our mission.

Mission of the Vampire Court of Houston

We are resolved to provide leadership and promote the arts. Because of this over all mission, we provide education and quality products and services. This has lead to our dominant position in the vampire and artistic subculture communities

Leadership of the community.

For instance, 2017 The VCH has raised over $4000 for Hurricane Harvey, Friends for Life, and other organizations.

The best example VCH leadership is our charity outreach.

Another example, 2018 the VCH began its charity outreach by donating material worth Dem Damn Dames to help raise money for Planned Parenthood and other charities.

Similarly, 2019 the VCH partnered with Thorn and Moon along with Avant Garden to help raise money for The Wilde Collection to rebuild after a horrible terrorist fire bombing of their home and shop.

In Conclusion, we continue our leadership role by hosting public meetings and events regularly to listen and respond to the needs of our community.

Promotion of the Arts

Our promoting of the arts is by working with local artists and venues to support and promote events.

In 2017 the VCH worked with Alley Theater to promote “Let the Right one in”, for example.

Another example of artistic promotion, we have worked with various movie houses to give away free passes to encourage independent and limited release films.

We promote local performance art and artists using our social media, resulting in greater outreach to the public.


The Court and its members share their expertise and experiences to create a rich, dynamic learning environment. Though public lectures, media appearances, the use of social media and live video, the VCH has an expansive body of work about spirituality, art, and the vampire culture.

Products and Services

The VCH produces the podcast Night Bites available on all major podcast services. We also produce a line of products on our Etsy Store.

The Vampire Court of Houston wanted to create articles vampire culture, gothic culture, cyberpunk, kink and fetish.

Therefore, we have created Night Bites

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